Conversation Management in 1 day

Do you know how to capture an audience?

Mobility Consulting

You are looking for new customers, suppliers of employees. You are probably using the traditional ways, but have you ever considered using social media? More and more companies are getting more and better results from doing this, so why not you? Like a lot of companies you wonder how do you get started, keep it efficient and not get drowned in work? The reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all but why not learn from the cases presented in this training. It will set you up for the right strategy and approach. We will even get you started.

What to expect?

During this practical training, we will show what it means to be your company’s social media manager. We will help you create your strategy (based on your goals), identify your target audience (based on your ideal personas) and identifying the platforms you need to be successful. We will cover platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on the conversation side and YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Blogs on the content side. We will also cover other aspects of social media such as monitoring, ambassadorship, etc. and show you the tools to make it all work.


The Basics
Overview of today’s social media landscape
What are the latest trends and where do you need to spend your energy
Advantages and Dangers of social media
Create ambassadorship and employee advocacy via your social media policy
How to listen to social media (monitoring)
Where do you create content (video, photo, audio or text platforms)
Where do you start conversations?
Create and optimize profile (personal and company)
How to grow your following (Fans, Followers, Connections)
How to create and maintain conversations
Expanding your reach through sponsoring and advertising
How to deal with comments (positive and negative)
Make a full circle
What is your ROI? How to measure it?
How can you get your collaegues on the bandwagon?